SPE designed this heating system to take advantage of the available natural gas service in this existing structure.

Mechanical Engineering

HVAC systems define the comfort of a building and therefore require proper engineering to ensure they meet the demand. Sugarpine is well versed in traditional furnaces and air conditioners, Air Source Heat Pumps, and Ground Source Heat Pumps. Our designs regularly include Heat Recovery Ventilators to capture wasted heat and high CoP equipment to ensure maximum efficiency.

Plumbing Engineering

Plumbing not only includes traditional hot and cold domestic water systems, but also snowmelt and radiant floors. Being local to the harsh Truckee winters, Sugarpine Engineering is experienced in snowmelt and radiant heating systems.

This SPE design required extensive piping to move wine from extraction vats into barrels
This existing electrical service was modified in an SPE design to accommodate a relocated restaurant.

Electrical Engineering

The backbone of any building is the electrical system, which often interconnects Solar PV, Battery Backups, and Standby Generators. Sugarpine Engineering’s thorough understanding of these intricacies ensures reliability and convenience.

Sugarpine Engineering offers three options for design and delivery of all engineering services;
  • Traditional Method 2D Drawings
  • Basic 3D Coordination & Drawings
  • Complete Building 3D Coordination & Drawings


Building Commissioning ensures that all systems are working properly and are code compliant. Sugarpine commissioning also confirms the systems meet our quality and convenience standards.

Sophisticated 3D Modeling

Construction of highly intricate buildings often includes costly, mid-construction design coordination. Most of these issues can be solved with extensive three dimensional modeling before construction even begins. All of Sugarpine Engineering’s design services can be upgraded to include sophisticated 3D modeling to tailor our designs to your unique structure.

Lighting Design & Review

Lighting is a complicated design process which involves aesthetics, function, and compliance. Many firms are well equipped to handle designing beautiful lighting, but struggle to ensure proper light levels and energy compliance. SPE offers superior design services, as well as, review and consulting to help guide designs by others.

Data System Design

A data system with wireless access points, security devices, and building automation can become overly complex quickly. Sugarpine data system designs ensure every pieces is accounted for.

Expert Witness

Sugarpine Engineering staff take pride in our honesty, integrity, and experience. We are capable of supporting your legitimate claims with CFEI/PE expert witness investigations, professional reports, deposition, and trial testimony.

Fire Suppression & Fire Alarm

Fire suppression and fire alarm systems are often required for permitting commercial buildings, but are not covered under MEP services. We offer fire suppression and fire alarm design services, supplementing MEP design, to ensure that permitting goes as smoothly as possible.

Energy Program Consulting

Sugarpine works with several highly-qualified energy and water efficiency program designers, to provide Utilities, Governments, and NGOs with:

  • Energy Program Planning and Management
  • Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification (EM&V)
  • Energy Auditing, Data Collection, and Implementation
  • Market Studies, Technology Evaluations, and related services