Our Goals, Your Goals

Sugarpine Engineering was formed in January of 2012, with the goal of providing three things:

Honest, Involved Engineering with Integrated Design.

We’ve seen that the construction industry is filled with lowest bid, hurried designs, hurried process, and claims of performance that don’t come to fruition.  We see time and again contractors and engineers pointing fingers at each other.  That’s not our style.  We work with all parties to resolve and avoid issues.  Whether you’re an architect, developer, or building owner, let us show you how Involved Engineering really works!

Energy Performance, not just talk. 

True performance often falls away when design costs, construction costs and schedules are tight.  We believe that with smarter communication, smarter contracting, and early energy analysis, performance and cost are not mutually exclusive.  Let us show you how Smarter Engineering can work for you!

Engineering tailored to the building and climate. 

We can’t count how many times well-advertised firms come to the interview with flashy big talkers, glossy brochures and shiny shoes.  They put on a show, win your contract, then design something that works where they came from.  Sugarpine Engineering has real experience in dozens of building types, frozen mountains (Montana), baked deserts (Las Vegas), and everything in between.  We’ve experienced what works and what fails.  We’ve learned from this in every instance and we’ll tell you about it.  We tailor our design to where your project is located and what it needs.  Whether you choke in humidity, fry in the sun, get hammered by wind, buried in snow, or all of those, we know how to make your systems work, correctly.  Caution: We might wear hiking boots to the interview.

With those goals at the forefront, we’re sure we can provide you with superior engineering and consulting.